Svelte Native Quick Start

The short short version

Less yapping, more coding!

Install Nativescript

Svelte-Native works on top of NativeScript. To install NativeScript:

$ npm install -g nativescript

Check it worked by running ns


Install the NativeScript Playground app

Svelte-Native really is native, so it needs a mobile device to run. The build setup for iOS or Android can be a pain, so the wizards at Progress have created the NativeScript playground app. This allows us to run Svelte-Native application code without having to build the full mobile application.

Get if rom the App Store Get it from Google Play

Create a new Svelte-Native app

The easiest way to get started is to use the latest template app:

$ ns create myapp --svelte

A fresh svelte-native app will be found in the myapp folder.

Launch It

Launch your app with:

$ cd myapp
$ ns preview

You will need to scan the ascii art QR code using the "Playground" app you installed previously.

Running App

Draw the rest of the owl

You can check out the Grocery App Example for an example of a larger application.

Jump into the Docs or follow the Tutorial to get started.