Svelte-Native 1.0.0

What's new in Svelte Native 1.0

We have just shipped Svelte Native 1.0.0. Most changes are under the hood but there are some breaking changes:

Breaking Changes

Element attributes are now Case Sensitive.

Previously Svelte would force all of the attributes to lowercase when compiling. This meant that Svelte Native had to try to find the correct case for the property by introspection during runtime. This was slow and introduces errors. Svelte has merged a change where you can mark your component as namespace="foreign". This tells the compiler to retain the correct casing, allowing svelte native to remove the expensive lookup.

Requires SvelteNativePreprocessor 1.0.0

Due to the requirement of marking Svelte Native components as foreign, a new version of SvelteNativePreprocessor was required. This new version no longer injects the tns namespace into your components. Instead you should have namespace: foreign in your svelte.config.js

Updated svelte.config.js

To support the new version of Svelte Native, your project should have a svelte.config.js. The one from the default template looks like

const sveltePreprocess = require('svelte-preprocess')
const svelteNativePreprocessor = require('svelte-native-preprocessor')

module.exports = {
  compilerOptions: {
    namespace: "foreign"
  preprocess: [ sveltePreprocess(), svelteNativePreprocessor() ]

The important parts are the namespace and the presence of svelteNativePreprocessor()

Stronger Types for attributes

As part of this deploy, we now ship typescript types for the built in components. This means you should now get red squiggles for unrecognised attributes when using the Svelte Language Server.

Red Squiggles

Nativescript 8.0 Support

This version of Svelte Native supports the latest and greatest Nativescript 8.0, this means that the BottomNavigation and Tabs components are gone. We are working on documenting their community written replacements, but in the short term you can still use the old legacy TabView